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M Dream Property was born in the will that we had to approach the market in a different way from what has been done, in a sector that increasingly covers players.


The idea arose in the middle of "Era-Covid", in an approach to the market as a buyer customer, and realizing that the services offered were all standardized and with little or no customization, we felt that it would be interesting to do something different and that offered a type of service little explored in Portugal.


It was then that we decided to create M Dream Property to make the dream of each one, a reality in the real estate market. We have at your disposal several services in the real estate sector that you can explore and understand if they fit the desired.


Working with people and for people, the satisfaction of our customers is the number 1 premise and for this reason we have a team prepared for their needs.


2020 marks the company's year zero, and so we aim at the rapid conquest of the market in the Algarve.

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