Recommend a property for us to sell - Win with it!
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Recommend a property for us to sell - Win with it!

Recommend a property for us to sell - Win with it!

Did you know that you can help a friend/acquaintance/family member sell your property?



Quite simple and is just a click away. Just pass the contact of the person in question that we take care of the rest.

What's in it for you?


The advantages are clear for the 3 parts.
  • For the owner,because he now has a company specialized in the sector, communicating it to several people.
  • For those who recommend,because we guarantee that if the apartment is sold by M Dream Property, the same will be entitled to 15% of the value of the agency's commission.
  • For us, because we have the possibility to market another property.



If the property is only being promoted by M Dream Property on an exclusive basis, we add 3% to the amount that the person will receive for the provision of contact.



Practical case:


For a commission of €10,000

  • Commission paid (non-exclusive): 1,500€
  • Commission paid (exclusively): 1,800€ 


* Mandatory amount paid with the issuance of receipt or through a single act. Payment only occurs if the agency receives the total amount of commission agreed with the owner. It is important to note that this only occurs for properties in the Algarve region, subject to their approval by M Dream Property.


More information:

(+351) 969 173 951

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