Virtual Visits
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Virtual Visits

Virtual tours to our properties, another way to buy.

M Dream Property offers a Virtual Tour or Video conferencing service to all those who wish to buy or sell a property with us.


The service is available for any property (regardless of the size of the same or typology) and aims to facilitate the process of selling our properties, allowing it to be visited without leaving home.


Technological developments and the global epidemic have forced the housing market to find new ways of showing the products available.


In the aspect of those who sell, it is also a way to visit less intrusive. It allows the customer's qualification to be even more demanding and in greater detail.


Virtual Tour Example:


Apartment T3 - Vilamoura

Virtual Tour


Who are the main beneficiaries of this technology?


1) Proprietary customers

In a first phase, this tool allows visits to the property of much better qualified clients, being therefore a less intrusive way to visit the property.


2) Buyers customers

In case they are foreigners or non-residents in our area of influence, it allows you to pay a visit without leaving home. You have the possibility to make measures in case there is a desire to decorate or remodel the apartment.


3) Real Estate Agency

It is more a form of dissemination and a fundraising argument for our customers.


Why video conferences?

M Dream Property works the market as a whole, and so we always look first and foremost at our customer's needs and these will always be our needs.


That's why we always aggregate information from all our partners, and present these solutions to customers. Since we could not control who owns the Virtual Tour in the properties, we decided to always present the solution of making a video call (WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Facebook ...) to present the property before it is visited.


This way of working, guarantees us:

  • Process simplicity
  • On-time responsiveness
  • Interactiviade with the customer
  • Client visits property in the comfort of their home.